Quality and Environmental Management Policy

APISOL has implemented and maintains a food safety management system based on the requirements of the IFS food safety standard and an environmental management system based on the ISO 14001 standard for its activities of:
“Processing, Packaging and Marketing of honey, pollen and honey-based products and other ingredients”.

The aim of the management system is to guarantee the safety of APISOL’s products, thanks to compliance with all the requirements, both those specified by the client and the legal or regulatory requirements and those necessary to ensure safety in the production and provision of the service, continually improving its products and services. Furthermore, aware of the importance of the environment and the fact that the activities it carries out may alter it, it has established its Food Safety and Environmental Management Policy in this document.

To this end, the management of APISOL, with the active participation of all its members, is committed to achieving the following general objectives:

    • Compliance with the requirements agreed with our clients and consumers, consolidating their confidence in our organisation, both in the performance of our services and in the environmental scope of our activities.
    • Meeting the needs and expectations of our stakeholders in Quality and production of products with a high level of safety.
    • To guarantee compliance with the legal requirements that affect our activities, especially those aimed at ensuring the traceability and hygienic and sanitary conditions of our products, as well as the applicable standards and good practices, and environmental legislation.
    • Maintaining our reputation for on-time delivery, product quality and service reliability.
    • Reduction of non-conformity levels, as well as complaints and rejections.
    • To work with the aim of pursuing the continuous improvement of our work processes, both towards customer satisfaction and towards our employees and the environment in which we find ourselves, through the establishment and periodic review of our quality objectives and our environmental objectives.
    • Encourage appropriate working conditions and promote a food safety culture to motivate staff, which results in a better performance of their activities.
    • Commitment to promote an understanding and dissemination of our food safety and environmental management policy within our organisation, through training and continuous communication with our staff and to make it publicly available to other interested parties.
  • Commitment to effectively control all our processes, including a commitment to environmental protection with particular emphasis on:
    • Relations with clients and public administrations.
    • Fulfilment of customer orders.
    • Recycling or selective collection of our waste.
    • Minimisation of the amount of waste placed on the market.

In Montroy on 1 February 2021 – Revision 11

María Muñoz David Senchermés.
Quality and R+D+i Director. Director General.